Pasture fed
beef and lamb

Pre-Order Heritage Mutton Box


Our mutton is over two years old, so it's really slow grown. Munching on lots of delicious natural pasture, allows it to develop a really full flavour and the joints are typically bigger than what you would find in one of our lamb boxes. Each half mutton box provides the following cuts:

  • Shoulder of mutton - Left on the bone
  • Leg of mutton - Tied, and left on the bone
  • Rack of mutton - French trimmed
  • Loin Chops - Four, cut from the loins
  • Mint & Apricot Burgers - Four 6oz gluten free burgers made with chump, breast & neck fillet
  • Mince - One 500g pack made with chump, breasts and neck fillet

Our mutton is hung for 7-10 days, then expertly butchered by the award-winning Jesse Smiths in Cirencester. The mutton is supplied in individually vacuum packed cuts, which are labelled and delivered in environmentally friendly wool-insulated boxes.

Available early July, pre-order now to not be disappointed

Price: £85.00 £76.50

Delivery: £15.00 (2 of these can be bundled up in the same delivery cost)

Local delivery is £5 and collection is free.

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