Pasture fed
beef and lamb

Beef box

Our beef is hung for 28 days and butchered locally. Supplied in individually vacuum packed cuts, which are labelled and delivered in environmentally friendly wool insulated boxes.

This beef box provides approximately 8.5kg of tasty beef in the following cuts:

  • Rump Steaks Pack of two
  • Topside Joint Traditional roasting joint
  • Brisket Joint Slow roasting joint
  • Mince Three 500g bags
  • Braising Steaks Two pairs and Shins Two - Ideal cuts for casseroles and stews
  • Stewing Steak Diced, in two 500g bags
  • Burgers A pack of four

Price: £110.00

Delivery: £20.00 (2 of these can be bundled up in the same delivery cost)

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