Pasture fed
beef and lamb

High welfare, sustainable lamb and beef

Heritage Graziers is a grazing partnership based in the Cotswolds. We are a 1st generation husband and wife team, grazing native breed cattle and sheep to care for the soil and wildlife whilst producing excellent quality, high welfare, pasture fed lamb and beef.

Caring for soil and wildlife

We graze either environmentally sensitive grasslands with varied and rich vegetation, or work within arable rotations to graze off arable breaks and help build natural soil fertility. These approaches to grazing not only support our sheep and cattle enterprise, but also provide a habitat for an abundance of wildlife - a great example of how livestock farming and the environment can work hand in hand.

Pasture fed lamb and beef

We pride ourselves on producing pasture fed lamb and beef that is full of flavour and grown to excellent welfare and environmental priorities. Our animals live outdoors all year round from the moment they are born, thriving in their natural habitat. As we choose traditional British breeds that grow slowly, our meat naturally develops a rich, full flavour. If fantastic taste and high welfare doesn't convince you, the health benefits of beef and lamb are greater when animals are fed totally on grass – their natural food.

Loopy Ewes

Katie is a Designer turned Shepherd and she works with the wool from her flock of native breed sheep to create a beautiful collection of knitted homewares, handwoven throws and sheepskin rugs. Each year she takes her fleeces to a mill where it is spun into a chunky knitting yarn. This returns to our home in the Cotswolds where she designs and makes her products; from cushions and hot water bottle covers, to cafetiere cosies and scarves. Find out more at

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