Conservation Grazing

Livestock is the most efficient way of naturally managing pasture. With the right grazing regime, livestock can help land owners look after their fields to produce areas that are both productive and rich in wildlife.

Conservation grazing is about putting a grazing regime in place that can maximise the wildlife potential of your site. This involves a thoughtful combination of livestock type, stocking density and grazing periods.

Cattle and sheep eat grass in different ways, so with the right mix they can provide a good balance of grazing. Heritage Graziers own a herd of British White Cattle and a mixed flock of Portland and Castlemilk Moorit sheep. Both these rare British breeds are well suited to conservation grazing as they can thrive on harsher conditions.

However, a livestock enterprise is not always something that land owners have the time, experience or money to take on, which is why a professional grazier can be of real benefit.

Each grazing site often has it's own wildlife species it is looking to encourage, and this in turn will dictate different grazing requirements on issues such as ideal sward height and grazing free periods. We can work with land owners to ensure these needs are both understood and planned for.

Whether you have a Site of Scientific Special Interest (SSSI) that needs care, an HLS agreement to adhere to, or perhaps an area that is too difficult to access by traditional machinery, our specialist breeds of rare British livestock can help manage your pasture to its very best.