About Heritage Graziers

We are a family run business passionate about conservation grazing of wild meadows and rearing high quality pasture fed beef and lamb.

Conservation Grazing

Conservation grazing is about putting a grazing regime in place that can maximize the wildlife potential of your site. This involves a thoughtful combination of livestock type, stocking density and grazing periods.

Delicious Meat Boxes

We pride ourselves on producing fantastic meat for you, your family, or your customers to enjoy. Our animals roam outdoors all year round thriving in their natural habitat, and as we choose traditional British breeds that grow slowly, our meat naturally develops a rich, full flavour.

Loopy Ewes

The wool and fleeces from our rare breed sheep are processed and made into high quality textile products by our sister company Loopy Ewes.


Castlemilk Moorit

Rare breed sheep



Rare breed sheep


British White

Rare breed cattle


Rare breed livestock

Using native traditional breeds


Meat Box Reviews

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